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Halloween Vampire Teeth 15mm Length

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Halloween Vampire Teeth 15mm Length

Product Specifications : Resin (non toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly)
Size: 15mm

Packing: Teeth come packaged in a small plastic box

Adhesive: Denture fix adhesive included.
Use: Ideal for any cosplay. Perfect for Halloween Costume Party. 

Customise: If the brace too big for your teeth, you can cut with scissor along the gum line and shorten it or use a small nail file to file away area gently.

How to use:
Apply a small amount denture adhesive cream to the nside of the tooth. Push into place and hold. 

Chewing gum can also be used if you prefer not to use denture adhesive. Dry tooth with a tissue apply gum and push tooth into place.

Pack Includes:
x1 Pair False teeth 15mm.
x1 Small amount of denture adhesive.