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  • Ripper Fx Spirit gum

    Ripper FX

    Ripper FX Spirit Gum 30ml - 1 Litre.

    $13.20 - $192.50

    Ripper FX Spirit Gum 30ml - 1 litre Product Description: Ripper FX Spirit Gum is a semi matte adhesive. Directions: Use for applying wig lace, prosthetics and the adhesion of gems. Apply to area, dab with finger to create a tack then push...

  • Ripper FX Pro Stick Adhesive

    Ripper FX

    Ripper Fx Pro-Stick 50ml (Prosaide)

    $22.00 - $145.00

    Ripper Fx Pro-Stick (Pros-Aide) 50ml- 1 Litre Product Description: Ripper Fx Pro-Stick is a latex based adhesive (Prosaide) Use to stick appliances or place over the top of appliances to create a matte finish. Removal: Remove with Isopropyl...