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Ripper FX Cleansing Oil 125ml - 500ml

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Ripper FX Cleansing  Oil

Want a remover that is soft and gentle on the skin and can be washed away with soap and water leaving the skin soft and supple.
This cleansing oil is a superior way to remove and y makeup.
This oil combination will remove even the most stubborn greasy foundation or waterproof mascara.


Add a small amount to a cotton pad or the palms of your hand and massage into the face. Continue to massage in circular motions until you see the makeup removing. Then add a little water spritz or splash to create a slightly foamy consistency to aid removal. When you think the makeup has all been massaged into the cleansing oil rinse with water.

Leave no oily residue
Washes away with easy.
Can be used on a cotton pad to remove makeup mistakes without removing your whole makeup
Ideal for sensitive skin
Suitable for all skin types

Super Remover

This remover is so good it will also remove

Pax paint
Alcohol Inks
Fake tatttoos
Spirit gum
Telesis glue

Adhesive Removal

For adhesive removal just work in with a brush under the prosthetic and it will lift the piece right off, then massage oil into the glue areas until it seems all dissolved, then wash away.

Pax and Alcohol Inks

For pax and ink removal just massage into the area until it loosens, then wash away.


Non Latex Wedges - x100 Wedges per Pack
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Non Latex Wedges - x100 Wedges per Pack


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