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  • Golden Soya Wax GW464


    Soya Wax - Golden Wax GW464

    $6.25 - $28.00

    Looking for plant based or Vegan wax then Soya Wax could be the solution. Ingredient: Soya Wax – Golden Wax GW464 INCI: Hydrogenated Soyabean Oil Type: 100% Natural Wax refined Aroma:  Mild honey like aroma Colour:  White to off...

  • Cetearth 20

    Cetearth 20- Self Emulsifying Wax

    $8.20 - $58.00

    Ingredients: Ceterath 20 Stabalising Oil in water emulsifier. Non – ionic polyoxyethylene ether of higher saturated fatty alcohols (Cetyl/stearyl alcohol) High HLB emulsifier used in oil-in-water emulsions. Provides exceptionally stable...

  • Stearic Acid

    Stearic Acid

    $4.95 - $18.00

    Ingredients: Stearic Acid Natural fatty acid occurring in vegetable fats. Anionic oil-in-water emulsifier INCI: Stearic Acid Other Names: Cosmetic grade Type: Vegetable derived Aroma:  NoneColour:  Whitish to yellow flakes CAS NO:...

  • Cetyl Alcohol

    Cetyl Alcohol

    $4.50 - $12.00

    Cetyl Alcohol Ingredients: Cetyl Alcohol An emollient, opacifier and emulsion stabilizer used in many cosmetic formulations. It has low toxicity for both skin and ingestion. Derived from palm, coconut and other fatty material. INCI: Cetyl...

  • Cetearyl Alcohol

    Cetearyl Alcohol

    $6.20 - $19.00

    Cetearyl Alcohol Ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol Emulsifying wax. A mixture of chiefly of fatty alcohols- cetyl and stearyl and used primarily in ointments as an emulsifier. Helps prevent separation of oils and liquids. Adds Viscosity to the product...

  • Ozokerite Wax

    Ozokerite Wax

    $6.95 - $32.00

    Ingredients: Ozokerite Mineral wax consisting of hydrocarbons originally derived from veins in sandstones. INCI: Ozokerite Type: Mineral and syntheticAroma:  OdourlessColour:  White pastilles Grade: Pharmaceutical grade - Complies with...

  • Candelilla Wax

    Candelilla Wax

    $6.90 - $59.00

    Ingredients: Candelilla Wax Natural Vegetable Wax from the plant family Euphorbica Antisyphilitica in Mexico. Obtained by boiling the leaves then skimming the wax off  the surface and then refined. The most frequently used wax when...

  • Carnuaba Wax

    Carnuaba Wax

    $7.00 - $49.00

    Ingredients: Carnuaba Wax INCI: Copernicia Cerifera Wax Other Names : Brazil wax CAS NO: 8015-86-9 Natural Plant Wax obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian ‘Tree of life”\. Consists of esters, free long chain fatty alcohols and...

  • Beeswax Yellow BP

    Beeswax Yellow BP

    $5.95 - $31.80

    Ingredients: Beeswax, 100% Pure Yellow Pellets BP Grade INCI: Cera Alba Natural Wax Acidic Value 17-24 mg KOH/g Saponification : 87-104 mg KOH/g HLB: <5 Aroma:  Rich natural honey-like aroma.Colour  Natural Golden Variety Melting...

  • Image coming soon

    Beeswax White BP

    $5.95 - $31.80

    Beeswax White BPIngredients: Beeswax, Bleach Refined BP Grade INCI: Cera Alba Type: 100% Natural Wax refinedAroma:  Mild honey like aromaColour:  White to off white pelletts Grade: Pharmaceutical grade - Complies with BP (British...