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Walker Toupee Lace Front Tape 0.8 and 1.9cm wide x 2.75m

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Walker Toupee Tape Front Support Tape is famous for its dull finish and strong hold.

It's one of the best tapes for lace systems and lace front wigs. 

Although the tape looks blue, it actually has a clear, matte finish.

It offers a very strong hold.

Can hold for up to 2 to 4 weeks.

The tape is odourless and bacteria-resistant.

Easy to remove and lifts easily to minimize risk of damaging delicate lace systems.

Perfect for holding wigs in place on set and quickly sticking lace.

No Adhesive Needed: Strong hold on a roll! No need to use liquid adhesive with this tape on your front hairline. 



0.8cm (1/3') Thickness x Length: 3 yards approx 275cm


1.9cm (3/4") Thickness x Length 3 Yards approx 275cm