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  • Apricot Kernal Oil


    Apricot Kernal Oil

    $4.95 - $17.60

    Ingredients: Apricot Kernal Oil Light carrier oil made form dried kernals of apricots. Similar properties to almond oil. Rich in \Vitamin A & E, oleic and linoleic fatty acids.. INCI: Prunus...

  • Australian Jojoba Oil


    Australian Jojoba Oil

    $12.00 - $96.00

    Ingredients: Australian Jojoba Oil Unlike other vegetables oils. Jojoba oil does not contain any triglycerides, making it structurally different. Therefore, technically it is not an oil. INCI:...

  • Avocado Oil


    Avocado Oil CP

    $4.95 - $17.60

    Ingredients: Avocado Oil (Refined) Obtianed from the fruit of the avocado tree grown in tropical and sub tropical countries. Excellent penetrating properties and good spreadability. INCI: Persea...

  • Beeswax Yellow BP


    Beeswax Yellow BP

    $5.95 - $31.80

    Ingredients: Beeswax, 100% Pure Yellow Pellets BP Grade INCI: Cera Alba Natural Wax Acidic Value 17-24 mg KOH/g Saponification : 87-104 mg KOH/g HLB: <5 Aroma:  Rich natural honey-like...

  • Bentonite Clay


    Bentonite Clay

    $4.75 - $26.00

    Ingredients: Bentonite Clay Natural cay that typically comes from volcanic ash which is milled to powder, dried and activated with the addition of soda ash. Mainly consisits of silica, aluminium...

  • Black Lotion Pump Smooth Edge 24/410
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    Black Lotion Pump 24/410 Smooth Neck


    Lotion Pump Smooth Neck Neck: 24/410 Twist LockColour: BlackDipTube Length 220mmMaterial: Non metal ContactDispense Rate: 2ml All packaging tests with suitable liquids or lotions are suggested prior...

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  • Borax



    $4.50 - $26.00

    Ingredients: Borax Ideal alternative to harsh chemicals, with a wide range of benefits and uses for the home, such as all purpose cleaning, softening and freshening laundry. Also popular for...

  • Camellia Seed Oil


    Camellia Seed Oil Refined

    $6.95 - $64.00

    Ingredients: Camellia Seed Oil Originates in China, mostly found in forests and stream banks. Very loight oil easily absorbed into the skin without a greasy feeling. It has been used for centuries in...

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    Camphor White Essential Oil

    $7.70 - $52.00

    PURE ESSENTIAL OIL — Camphor White Growing up to 355 metres tall the camphor is found in  every part of the tree. Sharp, fresh and cooling scent particularygood for clearing the respitory...