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  • Activated Charcoal


    Activated Charcoal

    $6.50 - $55.00

    Ingredients: Activated Charcoal Powder Highly absorptive as it has numerous small pores allowing it to absorb substances such as impurities and oil in skin and hair. Great for products that detoxify and purify such as masks and cleansers. INCI:...

  • Kaolin Clay

    Kaolin White Clay

    $4.50 - $26.00

    Ingredients: Kaolin Pure natural mineral used as a natural mineral texturiser. INCI: Kaolin Type: Off white fine powderAroma:  No AromaColour:  White CAS NO:  1332-58-7 Country of Origin: China Solubility: Insoluble in water or...

  • Bentonite Clay

    Bentonite Clay

    $4.75 - $26.00

    Ingredients: Bentonite Clay Natural cay that typically comes from volcanic ash which is milled to powder, dried and activated with the addition of soda ash. Mainly consisits of silica, aluminium and various other minerals. Used mainly as a...